Muse Mn Cast: Enable Display of VU Meter or Spectrum [Resolved]

The YouTube demos of Muse Mn Cast show with fancy meter displays.
Mine only shows the IP of my LMS.

I see a comment in the squeezelite-esp32 github saying, “You can tweak how the vu-meter and spectrum analyzer are displayed, as well as size of artwork through a dedicated menu in player’s settings (don’t forget to add the plugin).”

What plugin? I’ve enabled the Squezelite ESP32 plug-in, and that gives me a quick entree into the Mn Cast web interface.

But I see nothing I can touch that will change what is displayed.

This is in the Logitech Media Server on your PC, then from there I remember that there is plugin called something like Slim Proto where you can configure it. Took me a while to find it too.

Also interesting that you are bringing this because just yesterday Home Assistant team added the display support for the Mn Cast, so you do not need anymore to install the LMS, just home assistant with the slim proto plugin.

quoting Marcel :
The new features are available for Music Assistant users but I’ll also update our Home assistant integration. This means the MnCast is fully operational without Logitech Media Server, using the squeezeesp32 firmware and the slimproto integration in HA.

From memory …
Once you have the esp32 plugin installed there should be additional fields shown (for the player) including the screen size.
If you are not seeing them then perhaps the plugin is clever and is checking to see if the player has a display configured (via the player’s own web server configuration pages).

So last night, I powered down the Muse Mn Cast, shut everything down, and went to bed.

Today, powering everything back up, I see a whole bunch of new parameters to play with in the LMS UI, and the display is working as expected!

I think this means that:

  1. The squeezelite-esp32 plugin must be enabled.
  2. The MinCast unit should be power cycled so that LMS can fully discover and configure what it sees.