Muse MN Cast Hanging up/Slow

For some reason now my MN Cast will suddenly become unresponsive or very slow when trying to play audio to it from Home Assistant, (I play a chime sound when I open my door and it usually takes less than a second for the chime to play, but now it could be anywhere from 6-10 seconds or sometimes not at all).

When I go to its web page, it loads very slowly. Solution is to reboot it, but this happens every day now.

Firmware is I2S-4MFlash.16.2.1254.master-v4

hi and welcome, this is unlikely to be an ESP32 issue, maybe a network thing? could you check the logs and try to get what happens on the network when you push the button, Was the stream sent to the MN Cast right away or 10s later?

The page loads, but navigation is very slow. just getting many timeout errors in the log, not very descriptive. I have a Unifi AP less than 6 feet from the ESP32. Is there anyway to run the MN Cast using ethernet?