Muse Proto - 3.5mm input? [resolved]

Hi everyone, does anyone know if it’s possible to solder a 3.5mm Jack to the Muse Proto and get it to work?

I have the perfect project for this Proto of mine but I’m not sure if the Proto is the right tool for the job.

I have an old Apple I-Dock Hifi box that I would like to upgrade so that it has Bluetooth, this would be perfect for that. However I would have to jump onto the back of the 3.5mm Jack from the inside of the box(solder) but I have no clue where (what inputs) I would solder the left, right and ground for the 3.5mm Jack to the Muse Proto.

Hi Squirrel and welcome,

Well the proto is mono and don’t use a normal dac with level that will fit your hifi.
But we have a new product for this ! it will be available in the US and UK and Europe on Amazon next week :

You are a legend and a scholar Sir/Ma’am.

hahah if you say so :partying_face: :partying_face:

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