Muse Proto board button [solved]

I have the muse proto and when plugged in the (gpio0) button works great. The issue is when unplugged the button does not work, in HA it stays on when plugged in to charging and when unplugged goes to off and then a button press is registered as on when pressed.
Is this just on my board or is this a hardware problem/feature?

I have to check this tomorrow when I will be back in the office.
But IO0 is a very special IO that is used mostly for forcing the upload mode when pressed at startup. Never the less it should work the same when on battery or not.

Indeed, in HA the IO0 status is messed up when not connected on battery.
It is not a hardware issue as I have tested it in with this app we use in the factory and it working fine while pushing on IO0 on battery. here

My guess is that in the HA code they forgot to initialize the IO0 as a an input pullup to activate the internal pull up resistor.
gpio_set_pull_mode(BT, GPIO_PULLUP_ONLY);

Since you’ve found the bug could you report it to HA?

Ok I have submitted it

I was away from my desk until now. Thanks for catching it and submitting the bug.