MUSE Proto w/ Battery, Squeezelite-ESP FW - Questions [resolved]

Dear Forum,

first of all: thanks for the work with the Muse Proto, ESPHome and HomeAssistant! This combination works like a charm!

I have a MUSE Proto, with whitch I am currently assembling a battery operated, WLAN and Bluetooth speaker, just as intended. I really love the possibilities of the board with the external switch option, the internal/external speaker and battery management on board. Great work!

So what works right now:

  • Squeezelite ESP FW is on, works and I can send music via HomeAssistant and Bluetooth
  • external Switch
  • Battery operation

Proto related questions:

  • Which IC type is the 18650 battery monitor, and which signal is it producing?
  • I tried somehow importing the Fusion 360 model into my fusion account to be able to construct my case. I failed gloriously. Could it be that this model is on “viewing only”? Also: It seems to miss the screwholes :wink:

Squeezelite ESP questions (maybe wrong here?):

  • Setting “bat config” NVS Editor to “channel=33,scale=7.48,atten=3,cells=1” does seem to do something, but I am sure it is not the right configuration. Any hint to what I should put there?
  • If the battery monitor is configured, is there any chance of submitting this information vie bluetooth, so the bluetooth device shows the battery state, maybe even a charging state?
  • is there any chance of configuring the GPIO23 “Output_pulldown” in squeezelite without recompiling it?



Hello and Welcome!

-Here is the Fusion file, but indeed this is V1 that does not have the holes and with some of the connectors not exactly at the same place. I need to update it for V2.

-THe chipset for battery management and booster is IP5306

For your Squeezelite questions currently my time for supporting it is limited, may I encourage you to ask on the slimdevices forum? We spend much time calibrating the Muse Luxe battery level with the LED, this might be also applicable to the Proto.


Hey Christian,
If you flash a board spesific FW, most NVS setting are Ignored. So maybe try the I2S FW.
I explayend @barrypre in his question more detail on the IP5306
It dose not Provide any comunication. The ESP32 itself mesures the battery voltage with the pin difined as chanel=
By now You see the Bat. status in the web UI upper right corner and I belive on a display.
You could do a feature request on Github to see the speaker charge on your smartphone.
I would love to see your Case desing!
Greatings from Erlangen

Hey, thanks for the great work!

Can you post the second version of the Fusion file with the current layout of holes and connectors? That would be really helpful!

Yes this task is assigned to Louise a new Raspiaudio employee, due next week.

Hello jan_n,

You can find in this post the 3D (stl) file of the Muse Proto last version.
I hope, It could help.

Louise with the Raspiaudio team