My ultimate media-player decice: espMuse Pico

At the moment i have 2 espmuse proto media-players connected to a 8Ohm speaker and it works nicely.
Just removed to charge indicator led and the onboard speaker and now the work as good as the can be.

But i have an ultimate media-player/ intercom device, the espMuse Pico.
a very small board that is based on the esp32 pico and has a battery chargeer a I2s DAC for a 8Ohm speaker and a onboard mic. It does not need a USB connection, but a RS-485 would be nice.
to allow some interfacing only the SPI, I2C, UART and the pin’s gio00, gio02 and reset should be pin-out.
I have tried to make some prints in the past but i do not have the right skill’s to make it.
Maybe you guy’s are willing to help out?

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Niels v/d Spek

Hi Niels,
So what would be the adavantage of such a device compared to the existing Muse Proto? because I think you could do RS-485, SPI, I2C, UART with the Proto already.
And the ESP32 PICO I think does not have a lot of PSRAM that is needed for Squeezelite.

Do you have an intercom project example to recommand?


Yeah, my ultimate goal is to revive my espTalk ( project which is an espnow based combadge/intercom protocol, i never finished the audio section of it but that was planned.

Basically it exist of many combadges that can talk to a host adapter which redirect the call’s to other badges in his netwerk or on the internet,

I already build the host in node-js and a prototype badge without the audio

Have you tried this project ?

Yes, i have been testing the original version of it in the past and was intended to use parts of it.
But i could not get working hardware that was easy to implement it on.

Btw i just found out that M5Stack has the M5ATOM echo that has almost everything i wish but is missing the battery charger and needs an usb-c cable to power.
For now i ordered ion to see how it is done.

still not totally understand, what is missing in the Proto?

It is not something missing, it is just very big for my project :wink:
I love to see a device as small as possible.

I think Espressif just made available an all in one chipset with PSRAM that will allow me to do something super tiny, but my main issue is that unlike modules bare chipset are not pre-certified, so to sell them on amazon I need to pass a complete certification, this is time consuming and costs a lot.

Do you have a link for that chip/module?

no we will have to dig in the Espressif website

I was doing that earlier and did not found anything, yet, are you sure it is from espressif? I know that there is the ESP32-A1S from AI-Thinker but that ship is very big and you still need a lot of chips around it for driving the speakers and mic.