New! MODULOX-BRAIN synthesizer pre order

We are excited to introduce a new addition to the MODULOX family, designed for all music creators. Our team has devoted two years to developing the MODULOX BRAIN, an open-source audio synthesizer app.

The concept behind this audio device is to create a versatile hardware unit that supports various applications. This week, we will release our code for the Granular Synthesizer and subsequently add more applications like Sampler, VA, FM. By sharing our code on Github, we aim to encourage the community to contribute additional applications. The code is compatible with the Arduino IDE, and users can easily load precompiled firmware from our app store.


  • DAC and ADC resolution: 24-bit
  • 320x240 color screen
  • Audio headphone jack with microphone
  • One onboard microphone and speaker
  • One clickable encoder
  • Four buttons
  • MIDI in port with 3.5mm jack + sync RX for other sequencers
  • MIDI out with 3.5mm jack + sync TX for other sequencers
  • USB-C with MIDI USB
  • Two magnetic connectors for MODULOX devices like Knob, Touch, or Slide
  • Nano pad anti-slip bottom


  • 3.5mm jack to Midi DIN RX-TX + sync

Discover all features on the product page.

Pre-order now at a special price to be among the first to receive it in January. Like all RASPIAUDIO pre-orders, you can cancel at any time before shipping and benefit from a 3-week no-questions-asked return period.

Feel free to post your questions here!

We are releasing a complete tutorial video very soon, but for those who already received the Modubrain, here is a quick start guide:

  1. Ensure you have the latest firmware.
    For now there is only sampler firmware. A VA synth is coming in few days, and then will follow FM, Organ, wavetable synth, granulator…
    Plug the modubrain while keeping grey encoder pressed, then select the modubrain on the raspiaudio site, choose “sampler”, and then connect.
    Then select “flash firmware”.

  2. Record wifi name/password in the synth flash.
    It will allow you later to load samples via wifi.
    Connect the ModuBrain while clicking on grey encoder
    Click on “menu button”
    Go to setup->Wifi
    Click on the middle button under the screen
    Choose “Set Wifi”
    On your web browser, in the same menu as firmware page, select the sampler and click on “configure Wifi”.

  3. Choose a Sample
    On the first screen you can click on the middle button under the screen and you can select the sample number (up to 16). Then click again on the middle button. When you chose the sample number, all the specific parameters (not the effects) will apply on this sample only. For example, MIDI trigger, start/end…

  4. Play a sample from external instrument
    You can plug an external sequencer ou MIDI controler on USB or on MIDI DIN with the jack delivered with ModuBrain.
    For each Sample, you have to choose the way to triger it. You can navigate in the menu (button on the left of the screen) or click 4 times on the right button under the screen. You have to go to the menu “Channel”. Then you can choose which MIDI channel will trigger this sample.
    The next screen will allow you to choose if the sample is pitched by the note played, or just triggered by the note.
    For example, if you have a synth sound sample you want to play on several tones, select “Pitched”. If you have drum sounds you want to play as drum kit, you can choose a note for each sample, on the same MIDI channel.

  5. Load a sample in the sampler
    If the Wifi has been configured, go to Setup → Wifi and then with the middle button choose “load samples”. Then an http adress with numbers will appear. On your browser connected to the same wifi as the synth, go to this adress. Then you can add your samples.
    For now only 16 bits mono wave samples are allowed. If you want to convert to this format there are noline converters : Convertisseur de fichier audio au format WAV

Here is the tutorial