New Muse Lux - No Power? [resolved]

So I have ordered 4 speakers in the last week, and two are behaving weird.

Problem Speaker 1 - Did nothing out of the box (blue light would flash when charging) but would never ‘turn on’. (Never heard ‘Bluetooth’ spoken from the speaker). Does connect to PC (shows COM port) but cant flash either via the sle118.github or the Desktop Client.

Problem Speaker 2 - When I first got it, i DID hear ‘Bluetooth’, but now its behaving the same as Speaker one (never flashed it, powered it on to test, powered it off, came back a few days later and now ‘dead’) However the blue LED is irracticly flashing, see video.

Any advise?

UPDATE: Turns out there is a oddity with the molding/power switch.

If you poke/pry the power switch up/on and it seems to work fine.

ok good to know, I will try to add 1mm to the on off button of the next batch. Adding 1 single drop of oil othe buton helps too.