New product : MUSE RADIO

Hello! We are excited to announce that pre-orders are now open for the Muse Radio!

Check out the product page here

In a nutshell:

  • Stylish Audio Development Platform: Perfect for the living room, designed to be visually appealing and functional without the clutter of a typical breadboard setup.
  • High-Quality Sound Output: Delivers good and powerful sound.
  • Voice Application Focus: Includes two fully differential microphone inputs.
  • Privacy-Conscious Design: Offers tangible proof when microphones are plugged in, ensuring privacy.
  • Beautiful Color Screen: Enhances user interaction and aesthetics.
  • Upcoming Tutorials: We will soon release tutorials for integrating with Home Assistant and Squeezelite.

The design phase is complete, and everything is working flawlessly. We’re opening pre-sales to gauge interest and determine the quantity for our first batch. If you back us today, you can expect your unit within 30 days.

Join us in bringing the Muse Radio to life – your support is invaluable!


To reply @MiAutomations question:

The Muse Radio comes out of the box with a fully working standalone webradio application equivalent to what you could find in stores with a local webpage to change your URLs, the difference is that we share the code so it could be customized, it serves as a demo code.

Then we will have 2 pre-baked firmwares for Home Assistant and the other for Squeezelite on

I have Muse Luxe
When does the Muse Radio ship?

Should be in a month for the next batch.
I have a few units in beta test now, I will wait to have their feedback to launch a new batch just in case we’ve missed something, in parallel we will work in creating a tutorial for Home Assistant and Squeezelite.

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Muse Radio promo video for Squeezelite:

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Due to limitations with ESPHome (I believe the specific limitation is in using the same I2C speaker as both a voice assistant response and a speaker), the Muse Luxe we can only use the device as either a speaker or a voice assistant. Has that been addressed in the Muse Radio or does the same limitation apply?


The Muse Radio will not solve that as it is Home Assistant related, but I’ve seen a new component HA is working on that coud remove this limitation.