No audio from terminals on RaspiAudio (Mic+ V2)

I bought this a few months ago but so far only had used my 3.5mm jack with Volumio. After getting some new speakers ive hooked up the speakers via the terminals but i get no sound. Is there anything i can do to run some tests?

Hi Toms and welcome,

So when you were using it with the jack were you hearing the onboard speakers?
The Jack and the dac are connected directly to the amplifier
Check also you speaker impedance should be between 4 to 8 ohm

With the jack no dont think i head the onboard speakers. Speakers are within tolerance for Ohms.

Worth removing Volumio and reinstalling something else to test?

The Jack, onboard speakers and green terminal are on the same audio output, and there is no software mixer on the MIC+.
So if you have sound output on the jack it is not worth to try the reinstall of the software side.

—> try to return your board MIC+ thru Amazon, if you have passed your return me PM me giving me you order number.