Offline install [resolved]

I don’t have internet at home and I’m reluctant to drag my desktop monitor to the McDonalds parking lot in broad daylight so if theres a github repository or some config files somebody could point me to that would be great!
This looks useful but I guess I will have to read through it and see if it is.
If the script is just going to need an internet connection to download and install drivers it’s not going to be much help.

Hi Gadzilla and welcome,

Yes you can do an off line install for sure.

Just download the script here :

then run the bash command as root :

sudo bash new_install

Let me know if you need more help


Thanks! That should help. I’ve gotten myself overstocked on Pi Zeros and I’m trying to find projects to use them up. Samplerbox and various headless synths,Sunvox and Fluidsynth etc. The onboard audio gets crunchy pretty quick with Samplerbox already as soon as to get a few samples layered over each other and i’m hoping the Raspiaudio will help. Thanks again for the script.