Only static Ultra++ Pi Zero

Hi all. I have tried to work with the Ultra++ on a Pi Zero W v1.1 . I seem to be able to get the various installation methods (ultra, seeed, WM-8960) to compile and run or test; however, I ever only get static audio output from the ultra. .

Is the pi0 capable enough ? Could my hat be bad? Could the pi be bad?

Are there some other details I can look into to diagnose the hat ?

Hi! Yes the zero is powerful enough, what distribution are you using?

Just using the recommended-by-imager Raspberry Pi OS 32 bit. Can try anything though.

Ok have your tried method 2? and do you have any error message?

I did try both methods, disabling the first before I tried the second. I didn’t notice any errors. I was able to see and select the audio device upon reboot. speaker-test is only static. The static seems to be based on the audio being played however, because Front Left static sound is different than Front Right static sound. This was true on headphone jack and onboard spekaers.

Thank you for the help, but I have run out of time and have to return the product to Amazon soon.

My advise is to take the time to find the issue, be reassured that in the unlikely event that your board be defective (all boards are tested in the factory) I will refund you or give you a new one.

No that we have no time constaints, I have just tried again the method 1 ULTRA++ installation guide
After installing the script and rebooted have you selected the audio device on the desktop as shown in the picture in the link above, and run the test command?

If you can select the audio device the board is detected.