Pi zero with Ultra+ as usb audio interface

Hi :slight_smile:
So I’m curious if it’s possible with some coding to get the pi zero with the Ultra+ to be recognised by iOS/PC/MAC as a class compliant audio interface when you attach it via usb to an ipad/iphone.
Or is this impossible or very difficult?

I’ve managed to make the pi zero a midi interface from some guides which are out there, but making it also an audio interface for the ipad would be very useful in this small form factor.

ok looks like it is possible, will have a go with this:

It’s trickier however to get audio and midi gadget working at the same time, I think you have to use “libcomposite” mode to do this apparently…if anyone has any experience with this then please let me know, will try to set it up :slight_smile:

it seems doable, quite easily with a simple board like the MIC+, but the ULTRA’S codec is quite complex so you will have to create a lot of control on the USB side and map it in Alsa. It is just a matter of motivation, as a company I don’t see a lot of demand for this, but maybe I’m wrong?

If you are into music creation we will launch next month a new product in the MODULOX family we are working on it for 2 years it’s our most ambitious project so far, this is a ESP32 S3 based synthesizer pocket size with built in speaker, microphone onboard, usb midi, classical midi in /out, color screen, extension ports.

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Yeah that sounds nice, I will have a look when you release, but I prefer to connect different synths up so more modular equipment suits me better. I use ipad alot so a portable audio and midi interface compatible with iOS is useful as they tend to be quite large when going mobile out of the studio. That’s why I’m interested in building one with a pi. Also I plan to use the Mic ultra+ as a sampler into the ipad or PC etc.