Plop before playing audio

I have ESP Muse Luxe and have flashed esphome onto it. When it plays audio there is always a plop just before it plays. I noticed this on the original raspiaudio firmware (preinstalled and latest)

Is this normal or do i have a faulty unit? Its strange as its loud after the first time, then if i send the same autio it still plops, but not as loud. The plop noise is loud enough that it wont get approval for use in the household :smiley: . I have also noticed that there is constantly a faint hissing coming from the speaker while on, but not in use. Is this also normal?

I used my phone to record, so the audio is a bit quiet, but if you listen carefully you can hear my mouse clicking to activate the audio, then a plop before the audio plays.

This speaker has a great look and feel. initial impressions are great, I just cant stand this plop noise

For the “Plop” it might be just a software thing, in all amplified device there is a mute pin, so the codec receive the I2C command then once set the enable amp it is unmuted (GPIO21), I’m not sure it is done this way in HA

Thats strange as the config has a mute option for GPIO21:

Maybe it isnt being sent. I noticed that the speaker always outputs a low hiss. Could it be that its never turning off the speakers? I wonder if manually exposing that mute pin may allow me to manually mute and see if its still hissing.

Here’s how I stopped the pops

      - output.turn_off: pw # power down (mute) the amp at startup to prevent pops

  - platform: gpio
      number: 21
      mode: OUTPUT
    id: pw

- platform: i2s_audio
  on_state: # turn on the amp only when needed to prevent pops
        output.turn_on: pw
        output.turn_off: pw