Proto/Muse in Home Assistant: Ignore Updates?

I have had inconsistent success with my Muse Protos. I also have a Muse Luxe that I think is in the same boat, but I rely on the Muse Protos more. It just dawned on me that ESPHome recommends updates regularly and that may be causing my problems. Are those updates compatible with the original Home Assistant install?

I had it working well and then I didn’t. By “didn’t” I mean that it no longer plays media even when just selecting simple TTS or a file from within the Media service call in HA.

I have a separate audio issue, but this issue is more pressing.

Does this have anything to do with this HA Breaking Change? Because my boards would show up multiple times as well. Abort ESPHome connection when both name and mac address do not match by bdraco · Pull Request #98787 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I update frequently and still experience problems with my Luxe(s), unfortunately. I love and hate them!!

I am wondering if the updates through EPSHome are my issue. I had hoped to get a response from a dev on this. It is making it difficult to use these at all.