Raspiaudio Audio+ and PiCorePlayer {resolved]

I have added an Audio+ to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A Plus Rev 1.0 running the current version of PiCorePlayer, which is built on Tiny Core Linux. The installation script will not run, giving an operating system not supported error message. I was wondering if anyone in the community has created an alternate version of the script that is compatible with TCL. The card is working by selecting Hifiberry DAC +Light in PiCorePlayer’s options, but the volume from hat’s 3.5 jack is fairly low even with the application volume turned up high, and alsamixer shows the device as having no options.

Hi Ricky and welcome,

What you did choosing the DAC +Light is I think the best you can do because we are using the same drivers.

The Audio+ is delivering a line out level signal that is intended to be used with amplified speakers, and the level I made for the line out is quite high compared to the industry standard. If you need headphone levels you can choose the ULTRA++, if you need amplified signal for passive speakers the MIC+ is great.