Raspiaudio Paris event this weekend (15 and 16/10/2022)

If you happen to be in Paris France this weekend 15th and 16th of October afternoon, there is a cool workshop I’m giving at the occasion of la fête de la science:

Up-cycling on old speaker


In this workshop you will be able to :

  • Build a bluetooth speaker based an old passive speaker, broken radio, toys with a speaker
  • Customize the software to record your own voice for the speaker annoucements and more

Muse Proto will be available at the reduced price of 19€, bring your own broken speaker, radio, toy. Or buy on-site a second hand speaker (2 to 5€).

The event is hosted in Le Parce de la Villette in VilletteMakerz 2pm to 6pm Satuday and Sunday. This is a cool fablab I’m use to have my office in, this middle of la cité des sciences et de l’industrie.

Hope to see you there!

Posting a few picturesof this last week-end event

Using a bunch of used speakers:

Kids and adults made some personalized blasters :

Using cells from old laptops and the Muse PROTO :

nice lather handle

Some even modernized some old short wave radio :