RASPIAUDIO USB sound card [solved]


I have just received a Raspiaudio USB sound card, but I do not get it working in my windows 10. I have also plugged in a Raspberri Pi 4, and it does not work too.

In both cases hardware seems to be correctly detected, but I cannot get any sound.

First question would be: What kind of microphone jack does it accept? Can it work with TS type jack?

Second: Do I need to install any kind of driver in Windows 10 or in Raspberry (runinning last Raspian version)?



Hi Fernando,

Usually this basic USB model is detected without need to install any driver in Windows or linux.
So if you have tried to plug an headset and have no sound coming out chance is that you have a defective unit.
This is the first time it happens, sorry. Feel free to ask for a replacement in your Amazon interface.

Yes it should work with TS type jack.