Reset ESPMuse Proto

I have just purchased the above board, when I plugged it into my computers USB port both the Blue Led Fast blinking and the larger white LED were lit. However after a while the lager LED has gone out and I assume it needs resetting as I can no longer connect to me wifi. Can I reset the board? I have tried using the switch on/off but that has not helped. Can anyone suggest how I can reset the board.

Best wishes.

Hello and welcome, you need to load an application on your board as by default this is just the factory test when you receive it.

go to with a chrome browser and choose your app.


Thank you.
However I select Proto → Connect
Connect to a serial port. → finds serial port cu.usbserial(0291A5A6)… → Connect.
It comes back with Failed to download manifest.

Best wishes


I am getting the Failed to download manifest error, as well. Regardless of which software I try to install.

Googling the error in the context of ESP32 it appears like it is something wrong with the backend?

Hello please try again, I broke the server after adding new apps.

Thank you. That appears to work.