Rhasspy and Raspiaudio Mic Ultra +


for a couple of days I have been trying to set up rhasspy on a Pi 3a with the Mic Ultra +. The ultimate goal is to use it as a satellite for rhasspy running as a home assistant addon.

I managed to get audio recording and playback working on the pi. I had to use GitHub - respeaker/seeed-voicecard: 2 Mic Hat, 4 Mic Array, 6-Mic Circular Array Kit, and 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi for that, GitHub - RASPIAUDIO/ultra2: This is an enhancement fork with the explicit aim of supporting current shipping Raspbian/Ubuntu kernels without requiring downgrading. Please donate at https://hintak.github.io/ if it works for you. did not work. But followng the install instructions of rhasspy (Installation - Rhasspy) inside the docker containter running rhasspy neither works. /dev/snd is passed on to the container and I think aplay -l lists the correct cards inside docker. At this point I got very lost in alsa and pulseaudio configs :wink:

Any ideas what the problem could be or pointers where to read? I think it would be worth to figure this out as homeassistant announced working on rhasspy integration is one of their priorities this year and the ultra seems to be a perfect match hardware wise.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, I bought muse for the same project! But im very lost. I run rhasspy on docker. How do you could record from the mic? I will try use nodered to send the wav file using hermes, but i need a wav file to test jejejje

So if I understand correctly the Ultra is working fine using the Seed’s drivers on a normal Pi OS, but this is not working when using Rhasspy in a docker on your PI.

Is you HA also running in this docker?

We can try this next week

Nice to see I am not the only one trying this.

I run home assistant on a different server. Rhasspy can be installed stand alone on a pi, I would suggest to do this first and once it is working there figure out how to use the pi as a sattelite for another server. Troubleshooting should br easier that way.

Yup the ultra is working fine but I cannot get it to work inside docker. So I suspect it is a lack of knowledge on my site, but I was not able to find a solution googling.

Thanks for the answer and it would be great if you tried it out for us.

Hi we have tried to install the ULTRA on Raspberry Pi using docker and it is working fine, we have followed every steps line by line :

at the end select “wm8960soundcard” in Audio recording