RP3B+ with Raspiaudio DAC and display, all in one

Hello dear people,

For days and days I’ve been struggling to make a all-in-one pc with a RP3B+, a 5 inch display and the Audio+ V2. Right now I’ve got it working but it didn’t become an all-in-one face_with_peeking_eye:

The 5 inch display, in a cute display case, has a gpio and hdmi connection, for which a double hdmi adapter plus the gpio pins keeps the display and Pi close connected. The display doesn’t need a power supply. But there is no space for the dac…

I assumed to connect the dac manually by wires. I soldered them on the Pi’s backside. I fixed the V2 in such way it didn’t touch the Pi. Sadly I get no sound when connecting the dac like this. I exactly followed these given instructions:

Following GPIOs are used by RaspiAudio:
-GPIO21 (pin 40)
-GPIO19 (pin 35)
-GPIO18 (pin 12)
-Ground pin (connect at least one : pin 6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34, 39)
-3.3v pin (connect at least one: : pin 1, 17)

Now the V2 has an extra column of pinholes (25 pins) with numbers. I connected the Pi pin numbers with the GPIO numbers on the special holes column. What else are these number for? In total I tried this three times, because I thought I made a mistake, but I didn’t, it just doesn’t work. I dont know why. No need to tell you it was a hel of precision job.

In the end I got rid of the bypass wires and connected the display by hdmi cable. Touchscreen isn’t working either now. Oh well :upside_down_face:

Does anyone has a suggestion to connect the 3 parts by gpio?

Another problem was to get the V2 working with Kodi on the Pi 3B+. I tried several micro sd cards, but all I got was freezes. I tried both LibreELEC and OSMC, different versions. None of them worked with Pi 3B+. I thought I went manic.

In the end I installed Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit version. This went out of the box, including installing the V2. On top of the OS I installed Kodi and got it working in no time.

I’m experienced with the Pi ever since 2014. One Pi runs Apache webserver for my website, and one Pi with a digital JustBoom dac running Rune Audio.

Sadly Rune (which is great) is not compatible with nowadays music platforms like SoundCloud, which I love! I installed the SoundCloud addon in Kodi and this works quite nice.

I could run SoundCloud with a webbrowser, but it makes the Pi really slow.

How are your experiences with Raspberry Pi 3B+ ?