Solar charging for ESP Muse Proto

Has anyone got a solar charging circuit for ESP MUSE Proto please ?

I have Li-Ion 18650’s and NIMH cells, and 6V solar cell.

Hi and welcome
An approche could be to use a step down set to 5v to regulate the solar panel output, the regulated 5V to the proto, the proto will charge the 1 Li-On cell. Disclaimer: if the stepdown if not set properly yo wil burn your proto, use extra caution when working with batteries.

with this setup you could use several panels in serie.

Thanks for the reply. I tried. My solar panel actually has a female USB connector, and I managed to power the MUSE proto in strong sun briefly with no battery by simply connecting it to the MicroUSB connector via another USB cable. I managed to play music from Logitech Media Server to it :slight_smile: Then it didn’t work and then I realized a USB connector does not necessarily mean 5V, and I should have checked ! Then I tested with a real regulated 5V supply and the board still works (oof!)

I will connect a DC to DC 5V step down between the solar panel and the board.

You are saying that I can simply connect an 18650 cell (with the correct polarity) to the BAT connector on the ESPMUSE proto ? In another thread user “chill” had created a battery pack with an additional circuit board. Is such a protection circuit board also preferable when you have a single 18650 cell ? If so I will order one.

My project is a squeezelite speaker for the garden for: 1. music that won’t annoy the neighbours & 2. automated messages to would-be burgulars.

If you have an USB port on your solar system it should be already regulated to 5v.

Yes you can plug a LiPo cell to the battery charging port of the Proto. You can even put several cells in parallel, as long as the battery fully charged is around 4.2v

There is already a battery protection system on the Proto, but I personally prefer to use a battery with an extra protection circuit but it is not mandatory, but of course it is you to judge if you need it or not. We are not liable in case of a battery issue.

Seems like a cool project, feel free to share some pictures or video!

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Here Some Clarification:
The Proto uses the IP5306 with absolute Maximum input Voltage of 6V but the UART controler on the bord is directly connected to the Voltage input from the Micro USB connector and might have taken a hit.
What you kan use is the TP4056 witch is highly available as USB charge module, takes up to 8V (10V peak) and verry cheap. All you need to do is to Conect:
GND/- on 18650, “BAT- or B-” on TP4056 Module and “BAT -” on the Proto Bord.
The Other side is:
“+” on 18650, “BAT+ or B+” on TP4056 Module and “BAT+” on the Proto Bord.
But do not connect “Out + or -” to Battery or Proto board. Only to use If you want to suply a second Project that is not conected, like a second ESP with Kamera or Motion detection.
As the IP5036 can Charge with up to 2,1A and the TP4056 up to 1,2A your LiIon battery should have a max charge curent of 3,3A or more. That is often discribed in the “C” raiting. With 3300 mAh and 1C you can charge up to 3,3A. With 3300mAh and only 0,5C you would need to put tow in paralel so that it dosn’t get charged to fast.

Best thing ist you could build it all together and can still flash Firmware without having to Disconect anything. That way it should be easy to build a weatherthight enclousure.

Hope I could help.
Would Love to see photos of the end result.

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