Squeezelite-ESP32 Firmware Wi-fi and Bluetooth?


I have the Muse protoborad installed with the firmware for
This is working great now over the Home Assistant

My question: Is it possible to use this Board with this Firmware also over a Bluetooth connection? To connect directly to a mobile phone for example without changing this firmware.

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Hello, yes Squeezelite is using Bluetooth as well, I think it is by default activated. If not you will have to connect on the web interface and enable it.


Sorry but with the Firmware of the Muse for used in Home Assistant the web browser is not available I think…?? Can you please confirm?

Thank you

yes it is :loudspeaker:

but I recommend you to install Squeezelite firmware then in HA install the slim proto app, this way I stabler I think.

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@Raspiaudio And can I use the AUX jack with squeezelite?

RPi + snapcast + aux for Music
Squeezelite wifi for HA TTS

the AUX is an input on the LUXE and as long as I know Squeezelite does not support it. But it could be done with a lot of motivation and knowledge. There is also a command to send to the codec to be in passthrough mode meaning anything coming thru the input will be amplified by the speakers, but I’m not sure that it is what you want.

Well, what I’m trying to accomplish is

play regular mp3 or spotify from my RPi zero via AUX cable - this WORKS right now with the regular “bluetooth” firmware you provide.

But I’d also like to have TTS ability for HA, which seems to be possible with the Squeezelite firmware, but I’m just curious if the two can be merged somehow?

In that case you’d have one hell of a smart speaker.