Stop flashing blue light

Is there a way to stop the annoying flashing blue light on both Muse Luxe and Muse Proto?
Even better would be to make to re-purpose it for something else.

P.S. I am using the ESPHOME implementation to be able to use the GPIO pins in the future

Blue LED is not Programable and conected to the Battery managing IC as explained in other Posts
put tape over it or desolder ist…

I will make a switchable led for the next version

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Can you do that also for the onboard speaker, just a solder bridge is enough, i think.

yes I will add it on next batch

Do you have any timeline for that next batch?

Is that planned in the near future or will it take some while?

the prototype implementing a few changes (USBC, led bridge, better standby cusumption) just arrived in my mailbox, I would say 60 days. I have still plenty in stock.

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Okay cool, the others i brought earlier work nicely. I can wait until the new versions are up for sale.

What do you mean with [quote=“Raspiaudio, post:7, topic:486”] USBC [/quote]?

on the new design I think I will move from Micro USB to USB C


When would the new Design ready to purchase? I would Like to get a second Muse Luxe, but when i get one i would Like to get the new Design as the blue LED Drives me crazy in bedroom.

New design will still have the blue led near the USB port,have you tried low tech ways such as black electrical tape ?