Two duds in a row? [resolved]

Received an ESP MUSE last week and after a lot of fiddling around with different FW’s (squeezelite and ESPHOME) figured there was a hardware issue as the unit would not play any audio from HA (except for a horrible screech). Ordered another one and same issues…

Could it be possible that there is somethong wrong with the latest production batch?

Hello and welcome, it’s very very unlikely as everything is tested at different steps of the production.

I assume that you are talking about the Muse Luxe black speaker.
When it arrived it was loaded with a default firmware, when you turned it on did you hear “Bluetooth” with a woman voice? if yes there is no hardware issue.

There is a thread in this forum of somebody reporting the same in HA and it was a network permission issue or a Virtual machine issue.

when you use Squeezelite does it works in bluetooth mode?

Try to share some logs.

Thanks for your quick response. This gave me the courage to dig a little deeper. :slight_smile:

Turns out that my unifi network does not allow for whatever protocol to cross VLAN’s / subnets; my HA instance is on the main LAN and all ESPHOME devices automatically get assigned to the NoT VLAN.

Furthermore the ESPHOME mediaplayer i2s_audio platform produces crackling / white noise bursts when put into stereo mode… mono mode works well.

Uploaded a fresh iteration of FW and all is good now.

Also see here: ESP32 Mediaplayer issues - #5 by flyingpenguin - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community

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hey man do you mind sharing your ESPHOME config?

plz check link on ha forum in my previous post.