Ultra+ as Smart middleware for Stupid Speakers?


I’m configuring whole house audio using Snapcast.

I want to be able to use my PC speakers as audio output for both my Desktop, and for Snapclient running on a RPi Zero.

Can the Ultra+ be used as middleware between Logi Z407 speakers and my PC?
Currently, the only connection between the PC and Speakers is a 3.5mm cable.

I was thinking:
Speakers <-> Ultra+ Headphones port <-> Ultra+ Line In port <-> PC

I don’t need to play simultaneous audio from my PC and the RPi (although that would be legendary if possible), but if not possible, I’d want the ability of digitally selecting the originating audio source (PC or RPi), which could probably be done with shell scripts.
Eg. During the day use audio from the PC, and during the night use audio from the RPi.

@Raspiaudio any thoughts?

For now I have good audio RPi → Speakers

But some sort of distorted audio Desktop → RPi → Speakers

Hi we will have a look soon, thx.
Moved your other topic here.