ULTRA++ One mic dead

Hi! I just finished setting it up on my raspberry pi and it plays sound fine from both channels. But it only plays audio from one mic recording. It records while playing the sound in the script as known but only sound from one mic is played back. Can I check this further? What can I do?

Hi Atman and welcome!
Try to run this script first to configure the mixer for onboard microphones

alsactl --file preset_onboard_Speakers_and_headphone_jack_output restore

Onboard microphones input and headphones output:

Then use a recording software like Audacity or another one to try to recod, and check if both tracks have data. If not one mic is damaged please ask a refund thru Amazon, then you could get another one. If you have some data on both track it means that the is no hardware issue.

All units are tested at the factory so it is quite rare, sorry if this test shows this is our fault.