Use the Muse Luxe with Rhasspy?


The Muse Luxe as a microphone and is a speaker (of course). Why is not recognized in Rhasspy?
And it’s not possible or is something wrong from my side?

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Hi !

Are you referring to this project where the idea is to use the ESP32 as a remote microphone (always on !) streaming on you LAN to a Rhasspy server?

I can see that this project supports MAX98357A out of the box, so it should be compatible with the Muse Proto

For the support of the LUXE it will need to support a more complex codec that is ES8388.

I think the first step for me is to evaluate with the PROTO and if it worth it add the LUXE support. Could you develop what is your use case with Rhasspy + satellites?

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I’m not an expert, so… I was not referring to any project. The idea is to have like a local Alexa, just that! :slight_smile:

Is this possible or not with the Luxe?

It will require a raspberry PI running the Rhasspy + a Luxe – but software as not been adapted yet.

A simpler solution could be using PI running the Rhasspy + MIC+ shield for sound captation and output

Any idea if it will be adapted in the future?

This might be useful for me too. I have Home Assistant running in Docker on my Diskstation, but Synology have disabled most of their USB drivers in DSM7, so I’m looking for a network microphone for Rhasspy.
I thought the PROTO might make a nice first hardware project for me (as a .Net Windows app developer,) but I seem to have damaged the micro USB port, so now have a LUXE.
I’ve looked into nanoFramework, but it looks like a steep learning curve to write something from scratch. I’d be interested to see how this project develops.