Using the microphone on the ESPMUSE

Hi, are there any tutorials for using the microphone of the ESPMUSE ?

Hi, the Luxe or Proto ?

thanks for the prompt reply! Would be great to have a short tutorial for the ESPMUSE LUXE. Something like recording for 10 seconds and writing to a file.wav

Hi Doohah and welcome!

We do have an example here check function factory test

But it is a bit complex as we use it to test speakers in the factory, with the default BT sketch when you pressed the 3 buttons at startup, it sends a sinus to the speakers and at the same time records it, do some kind of FFT on the fly to find out if the played frequency is more or less the same that the one recorded.

The complex part is the codec init. As we live in the future, you could try to feed this in Chatgpt and ask for a simple example to record a wave on the SD card. Feel free to share it here !

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Thanks a lot for the reference, will definitely try some stuff and post an update here :slight_smile: