Video Call over Rpi4 with Mic+ [resolved]

Hi. First, Thank you, It’s a great forum.
I’m trying to use the Rpi4 with Mic+ to perform a video call using skype\zoom\google due etc.
My main issue is the echo which I haven’t been able to resolve.
I’m trying to separate audio sources and use the microphone from the Mic+ and the speakers of the HDMI output with no success.
The other way around is to use external mic with the Mic+ speakers.
Can you assist on how can I use two audio sources simultaneously?
Thank you.

Hello Asher,

A while ago I ve tried to use simultaniously the sound output from HDMI and I2S mic+ but without sucess. My guess is that is the same with sound input. So short answer, I don’t think that it is possible.

THe ULTRA++ can use a 2 jacks headset with microphone and headset level, it is great for Skype.

Thank you very much for the support.
Small enhancement, if we use external devices. which card is better to use: Audio+ or Mic Ultra+?
Thank you.

Also, can you recommend on light speakers and microphone?

ULTRA+ is recommended for external microphone.

For my tests I have used this kind:

like this one with 2 jacks