Volume / pan etc in Reaper

Hi. Id like to use a Moduknob to control volume / pan etc in Reaper on windows. What is the resolution like for this purpose.

Also, where do I buy in the uk?

Hi Reaper,
We have replied to your duplicated question by email, here is the answer:

If you use simple MIDI CC messages, the resolution is limited to 0-127.
But if you use MIDI relative CC, the resolution is theoretically unlimited.
Did you need something else ? How do you usually control parameters in Reaper ?

No stock in the UK for now, just Amazon Europe and Germany shop see here : https://raspiaudio.com/produit/modu-knob

Thanks for your reply. The reason for duplicated messages is that after pressing send on the contact form on your website, there was no confirmation. The send button disappeared and a tiny red cross appeared which didn’t do anything. This was on windows 10, Chrome 98.0.4758.102. Therefore I had no idea if my message had gone through.

What I mean by resolution is this: With some controllers I’ve tried, it is very hard to make “fine” adjustments. The data sent to reaper is stepped / jumpy. It’s quite good, for example, with my “midi fighter twister” and my Panorama P6, but terrible with my korg nano control.

I wondered how easy it was to make fine adjustments with the moduknob.

Thanks for details about stock. Amazon.fr is “currently unavailable”. I can see “Berrybase” has stock :+1:

No problem, sorry let me look at the contact form bug.

THe good news is we have solved the bumpy values! you just need to update the firmware, just follow the process here “loading new firmware”

Let us know if you have any question

Excellent thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Berrybase wont ship to the UK. Is there any other way to get one here?

To answer about the resolution, we’ve implemented a mode in which the encoder is adapting to the speed you turn the knob. For example, you can turn slowly, and the steps will be incremented from 1 by 1. If you turn quickly, it will be incremented from 3 by 3 for example.
You can also choose a fix value : always 1 by 1 or always 4 by 4 if you want. So you can adapt to your needs and if you don’t want jumpy values, you can set it like that.

The adapting mode sounds really useful. Now all I need is to be able to buy one :wink: Any new on UK distribution?