Audio Output in Home Assistant [resolved]


I am new in topic Linux and Home Assistant so I need your help please. I bought the MIC+V2 on A. I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Home Assistant running. I am not able to follow the installation. When I type the installation command In the terminal in Home Assistant there is the message:Install Can Not be run as root. Try without sudo.

Is there a workaround? It works on a normal Raspbian installation.

Please help

I love to help you but i do not get what you try to install.

PS. Just an suggestion try to find a Pi 4b with atliest 4Mb of ram memory onboard. Sadly from my knowledge they are everywhere out of stock, or you can setup around CM4 etc.

I am not able to install the raspiaudio mic+v2 on my raspberry pi 3b + running home assistant. My idea was to have a fix speaker for Audio Output. When I type the commands for Installation in my home assistant terminal it says: Install Can Not be run as root. Try without sudo

Still not sure of your issue is with installing Home Assistant or with the drivers for the raspiaudio mic+v2.

Let’s concentrate on Home Assistant first, which version of HA are you trying to install?

Also please tell use exactly what you are doing. because your request is very cryptic, there are so many way’s you can install all stuff.

btw where did you found the installation steps for the raspiaudio Mic+v2, so i can follow what you trying to do. I have only the espmuse pronto’s.

My HA is already running. The problem is that i cant install the drivers for mic+v2 in the terminal of HA.The HA Version is the latest one.
The installation steps are directly from the Homepage

When I type the first command in the terminal in HA( wget…) it comes to the error message as I told above.

I will look at this tomorrow for you.

This thread is about the MIC+V2 not the esp-muse. Try to create an new thread.

@ musikboerni86:
I have been looking at that script that you need to run, and it expect indeed that it is running as normal user. And it seems that the HA terminal is opened as root out of the box.

From what i could see, the script could be easy changed so it could be run as root. There are some parts that i do not know what is going on exactly. But maybe @Raspiaudio could give some suggestions.

That would be very nice
@NielsNL68 Thanks for your efforts
@Raspiaudio maybe you can Tell me a New Script for home assistant?

Is there no idea to install in Home assistant?

Hello Musikboerni86 and welcome!

The Mic V2 is easy to install under HA because this is a pure I2S sound card, meaning that there is no need to have a specific driver to manage option using I2C command. So you can use any turorial on the web using I2S sound card. For example :

let me know how it goes

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thanks a lot its running you are the best

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glad to read it :grin:

closing ticket