Mic, and alsamixer not working

Question 1: Incorrect Configuration File Modification After Software Installation

After executing the command wget -O - mic.raspiaudio.com | bash to install software for my Microphone+ V2 on a Raspberry Pi 4B running Raspberry Pi OS, I observed that the installation script modified the file located at /boot/config.txt. However, for my setup to work correctly, modifications were required in a different file: /boot/firmware/config.txt. I manually updated the latter file to make my system work.

Could someone guide me on how to ensure that future installations or updates automatically apply changes to /boot/firmware/config.txt instead of /boot/config.txt?

Question 2: Issues with AlsaMixer and Microphone Functionality

After the installation and manual configuration adjustments, I attempted to use AlsaMixer to configure my audio settings. Upon selecting the appropriate audio card, I encountered an interface that looks like this:

Upon pressing the yellow button it did not do anything, also the volume of the output from the speaker based on the microphone recording is super low. Here’s a photo of my current setup:

Command that I used for recording

arecord -D plughw:3,0 -f cd -d 10 test.wav
aplay test.wav

Could someone provide insights or suggestions on how to resolve the AlsaMixer interface issue and improve my microphone’s functionality?

Please check the new installation guide :smiley: