Mic+ v2 don't work [waiting user reply]

Good morning
I have recently acquired a mic + 2v to install on a raspberry pi 4 b, and use it for Rhasspy on home assistant for volcale recognition.
Once installed, the status LED does not light up and is not recognized by the system. also in the configuration phase when I use the command wget from the terminal it tells me that it cannot be executed don SUDO but only as root user, the command is
wget -O - mic.raspiaudio.com | bash

someone can tell me if I’m wrong or if the module is faulty

thank you

Hi MicheleG and welcome,

I don’t think that your module is faulty, just a matter of configuring it. The red led is controlled by software so your application does not use it it will not be ON.

Install the last raspberry pi OS on a new SD, then run the install script and test, then install Rhasspy.

ok, thanks
I’ll try, but having to install it on Home assistant there is a procedure, just to avoid having to reinstall the whole system

oh I missed that you were using it within Home Assistant. So I guess you need to set your audio output input in home assistant. MIC+ is a simple I2S device.