Muse headphone jack does nothing with Squeezlite [resolved]

Regardless of the mode set (subwoofer or headphones) the headphone jack on my muse running squeezelite seems to do absolutely nothing. Is this output even supported with Squeezelite-esp32?

Hi Snubber and welcome,

The Jack on the LUXE is an Input, it is for plugging an external source (like a laptop) in and amplify it or record it. We have an appication where we use it :

But for now squeezelite does not support it


Good to know. As the speakers are quite underpowered, having them act as snapcast nodes outputting to better speakers was my intent given that raspberry PIs are unobtainable. I guess I’ll just have to rip them open to get to the audio lines I need.

Underpowered ? it’s all relative but it is quite loud to me :loudspeaker:

Otherwise to plug directly a line input to an existing amplification system we have just launched this :

The Muse does get loud but lacks enough bass for my liking! I’ve ordered a MN Cast but it won’t be here for 3 weeks. FYI the amazon link on the MN Cast page goes to the Muse product listing when I clicked it.

Have you tried the equalizer in Squeezelite?

Don’t worry it will be here quicker than this, Amazon is receiving them right now so I guess you should have it end of this week.

Normally I run much bigger speakers elsewhere in the house. I’ve got 4 pi-based snapcast nodes
hooked to much larger speakers and/or subwoofers around the house, and the two muse speakers are simply the smallest speakers I own.

My end goal was to turn a couple large monoprice party speakers (now discontinued) into rolling battery-powered snapcast nodes. What is the amperage draw/minimum USB power for the MN Cast?

Is there any fix for the bluetooth speaker sketch yet with the line in audio? The line-in audio is like half the volume of the button event sounds and seems to only distort when attempting to turn up the source.

I gave up trying to run esp32-based squeezelite nodes, they are not stable enough to be part of a large LMS multi-room audio setup without causing issues with the whole group. I had planned to recover some use of the muse hardware by using the line-in feature but that does not yet appear to work correctly.