Muse Luxe dead, what to do?

I flashed esphome onto my Muse Luxe. I had stability issues from the beginning on but I feel it has gotten worse to the point it’s not useable any more and it feels like a hardware defect: the device just goes offline after a short amount of time and never comes back.

Sometimes power cycling works but often I need to try many times. If then finally it works again, it does so only for a short amount of time.

Unfortunately the return window has closed already :frowning:

Any advice?

Hi I could take this troubleshooting in private message, look at your message in the forum.

Hi, I’m having what appears to be a similar problem. I have 2x ESP Muxe Luxe. I have programmed them through the web: ESPHome Media Players
After this I have integrated them into HA. Everything works fine. I can control the LEDs, change the volume, play MP3 files and text messages using TTS. So now I have several automations that play alert tones and warning messages. The problem is that after a certain amount of time the Muxes stay in “MUTE”. First one, then the other. The only way to fix it is to turn the speakers off and on again. From here everything works fine until the problem appears again.
I have not integrated them into ESPHome.
Now I have made an automation that every 30 seconds plays a tone and a TTS message on both speakers and the problem is reproduced very quickly.
Any idea what I can do to resolve it?

hi, it looks like something with the level on the mute pins, as it as only been reported with HA twice it is more likely to be software related. Something to try could be to force the mute pin (gpio 21 to high) in the YAML to high to check if the problem still exist. We could give it a try but as we are in summer holidays we can only do it end of August.

Thanks for the help…when I did say Mute, really I dont know if its related with this pin, I was trying yo explain that the musse didnt provide any sound. I was looking the logs using the USB cable, and all the messages where as usual into the musse. Nothing abnormal excepto that no sound at all. Power off and on and was working again perfectly for some time till the problem appears again. The problem happens on both units

It’s unlikely to be broken, to be sure load another app on one of them for example the bluetooth app

hi, i bought the third muxe luxe unit and integrated it into ESPHome in HA the same as the previous two and still having the same problem. After running for a while, they remain silent, although the logs continue to indicate that they correctly receive messages from playing MP3 files or radio stations. restarting HA has no effect. Just turning the Muxe Luxe off and on temporarily resolves the issue. But it is very annoying to have to continually turn the equipment off and on. Does anyone have the same problem or does it only happen to me?