Muse Luxe esphome loud buzzing sound

Hey, I’m flashing this firmware:

And it works in home assistant, except there is this loud buzzing noise, it’s so loud it’s unbearable.
This noise only starts when the device boots up. On the squeezelite firmware there is no buzzing sound.

Anyone else having this issue?

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Now that I have gotten squeezelite to play audio from home assistant, it too starts playing this buzzing noise as soon as anything plays on the speaker, until I restart it

Hi LatherConch,

I have never had a report of such a thing, or maybe only whe the battery is almost empty.
I recommend that you ask for a replacement thru Amazon, it’s quick and free.

Sorry for the trouble, I will check your unit whe it will be sent back to me.

After reflashing a couple of times, this seems to have fixed itself, I’m unsure how to reproduce it again. Especially cautious now since I’ve finally gotten squeezelite to work with HASS.

I’ve the same issue. There is sometimes (once or two times a Day) this loud static sound for only a second. it startled us so much every time that i had to switch it of until I’ve found the issue.

Hard to diagnose :sweat_smile: is it on battery only or even when plugged?
I there something in the Squeezelite logs when this is happening?

I have noticed that when the battery is almost empty you could have some strange buzzing, the reason is that the ESP is at the limit voltage for operation, but I 'm not sure this is your case.

Same buzzing here…

… and it was middle in the night on full volume!!!111111 holy crap!
As i write this it happened five times on different days to different times. Really strange and annoying!

Could it be if it is losing wifi or if it is reconnecting wifi?

EDIT: It seems that the disconnection is the issue. Every sensor/button in HomeAssistant was N/A at the moment of the buzzing.

I’ll try a different powersupply maybe there is a peak in power consumption or something.

ok will setup one speaker here in the office and let it run until it happens, there is no reason not to find the bug, it might be some kind of software crash + the enable amp pin at 1 while it happens :thinking: