MUSE LUXE speaker with Squeezlite (Logitech Media server)

@Chrissy - Yes, I think you should be able to fit a 21700 very easily. I think it would not quite fit where the original battery was - that ‘shelf’ leaves a gap of 20mm. But the gap on the other side of that shelf is ~45mm. Between the speakers there is at least 80mm to play with, and the depth up to the back of the passive radiator is ~40mm.

If you changed the PID of the Silicon Labs USB/serial device then Windows could automatically collect and install the right driver.

I don’t know if changing the PID would have any effects on other systems that check the USB VID/PID info.

I received my MUSE LUXE today and I see no signs of life at all, just a blue flashing LED when connected to USB. It arrived with the switch in the “on” position. It didn’t show up as a Bluetooth device so I flashed the SqueezeliteML firmware. It still doesn’t show up on Bluetooth and also doesn’t broadcast a WiFi AP.

Just to be sure :
-When the speaker arrived have you tried to turn it on and did you hear ‘bluetooth’?
-have you used a usb data cable and have no problem to upload the bin file?

Being able to load the bin and not see the Bluetooth name is rather unusual. Have you tried to load out SqueezeLite bin at address 0?

Feel free to contact me in PM for this troubleshooting

From this post on the squeezebox forum I conclude that Slatibartfast has resolved the problem that he had.

So I have found the main cause of the very short battery life in standby, and here is a tutorial on how to modify your LUXE.
I also understand that not everybody will feel like the doing the modification to extend the standby time to about 3.5 days with the stock battery (10 days if you also use the opportnity of opening the case to change the battery for a 3500mAh), so all backers still have the choice to send it back and have a refund.

Here is the tutorial :

We will be out of stock for a while, When we will receive the production batch, then we will have to open all devices to do this modification. But the price will have to be increased a bit to cover all this costs.

After leaving my MUSE on until it turned off because of low battery I found It would not boot up after charging for a while. Now this was the exact problem I had when I first received it. I had to reflash the firmware to get it working again.

Now it seems that I probably didn’t need to reflash but the speaker had gone into recovery mode after turning off with low battery. Can this be prevented?

With other apps we provide for the Luxe this does not happen (radio, simple bluetooth). So this is not due to a hardware defect, this is I guess how Squeezelite reacts when turned off abruptly. I do not know how to correct this in Squeezelite.

Mine wouldn’t start up when I received it. It appeared to be in the same state as when the battery cuts off but I then I had no way to see that it could have been in recovery mode. Would it have had Squeezelite installed as default?

no, by default the bluetooth app is installed.
If you wish to try install the precompiled bin form here :

You should not have any issue at startup even if the battery was dead

I described my problems in the squeezebox forum. When it arrived the LED did not illuminate after charging the battery and moving the switch to on. It also didn’t appear to be visible as a Bluetooth player.

I will be happy to investigate if you could try to restore the original bin file of the Simple bluetooth app, and try again to discharge the battery. As the behavior you are describing has never been observed yet with the original software.

With the Bluetooth firmware you are right, when the battery is discharged until the LED goes out the speaker boots up as soon as the charging cable is plugged in. When my speaker arrived it definitely didn’t behave in the same way though.
I did notice that the speaker disconnects from Bluetooth quite a while before the red LED turns off. With the Squeezelite firmware music plays until the very end. In fact just before it turns off completely it seems to restart a few times. Maybe this is triggering the recovery mode.

Yes I think so too, this is probably the multiple reset when the battery is almost dead that causes switch in recovery mode of squeezelite.
In commercial non hackable devices the battery level if checked at startup and if below a value it does clean shutdown.

I Flashed Muse Luxe and other audio Boards with Squeezlight. Conecting them to the home Wifi was no problem. unfortunatley I couldn’t find anny over Airplay.
Did I miss configuring something?

I think there is an airplay option somewhere in the settings check that it is enabled

Oh, wow. You were in deed right!
As I don’t have a LTMS as of writing this, I had chosen “Disable Squeezelite” under “Audio”.
That seems to disable Bluetooth and Airplay as well…
Now I’ve tried the last tow and it works flawles!
Thank you verry mouch!
The next thing I’m Curius to see is if we make use of the Microfone wheen using Bluetooth and getting a call or even as IP Telefone…

Never tried the mic for BT calls, don’t hesitate to post your results here :+1:

BT calls is not posible right now as Android sees audio output only. Would be cool thou!