MUSE LUXE speaker with Squeezlite (Logitech Media server)

Excellent, thank you.

Is there something different about the “>” button on GPIO 12? Even when configured to do exactly the same as the volume up or down buttons I can’t get it to do anything.

Hi Chill
Thank you very much for your correction on the buttons!
I will publish it very soon on the RASPIAUDIO github. (today)

But, I think it’s not perfect yet !!!
I am working on it

Thanks sbar. Thinking about this some more, does your pre-compiled bin file contain an NVS partition? If so, would a better approach be for you to pre-load that NVS partition with the ‘actrls_config’ string and the ‘boutons’ string, and then remove the code that sets those parameters in esp_app_main.c? That way, users would be free to modify the button behaviour, e.g. to add some ‘longpress’ actions, and any changes would survive a power cycle/reboot.

Yes, and by doing that, we could upload the firmware separate from the settings, and do not need to do the setup from scratch each time.


For now the .bin is updated here and the link in the tutorial, the change is persistent button configuration as suggested by Chill persistant.

We will try to implement Chill suggestion soon and will let you know when ready.

Hi Chill!
I just posted a new version with an easier managing of buttons (may be !)
With it you can:

  • modify “actrls config” (“xyz” ==> “actrls_config”)
  • create a new key (“xyz”) and init it with what you want
    And, of course, you will retrieve that after a reboot

That’s perfect, thank you - working great.

I’ve added a configuration for the “>” button on gpio12, so that a quick press toggles between play and pause, and a long press (>1s) does a soft power toggle on the squeezelite player.

Let’s see if I can paste the extra configuration here without mangling the quotation marks :slight_smile:


So my complete ‘buttons’ string is:


It all seems to survive a power cycle. Great work - thanks for updating this so quickly.

Great work Chill !
We will put this as default value in the next version…

I just released a new version with two tiny improvements:
1- now the led lights up with a color depending on the battery status(green/yellow/red)
2- the third button (the one in the middle) works (Mute/Unmute)


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Another longtime Squeezebox/LMS user here! I have two SqueezeAMPS and am looking forward to trying the Luxe. When do you expect to have it available in the USA?

Hi FLT and welcome
We are waiting to get the Hazmat autorisation (battery product) for Amazon USA we should know more about that beginning of next week.

Thanks for the fast update!

Thanks sbar - I’ll give that a try. In the meantime, I have a query from another user who is having trouble registering for this forum and making contact with you. You may have seen in your thread on the Squeezebox forum that user edwin2006 has not been able to register with you, and he has asked me to message you here. Could you possibly look into why he hasn’t received any replies from you? Is there a problem sending messages to his gmail address perhaps?

hi Chill, I’ve sent an email 24h ago on gmail to edwin2006 about his account, seems he does not receive my messages. Anyway I sent him a password link reset for the forum on his gmail, I can’t do much more I’m afraid.

Hi sbar

I have noticed a small mistake in the implementation of the ‘long press’ on the ‘>’ button in the latest binary file. The correct syntax requires an underscore between ‘long’ and ‘press’ (‘long_press’) when specifying the duration, unlike the ‘longpress’ used to specify the action. So the correct syntax for this configuration of gpio 12 is:

{"gpio":12, "type":"BUTTON_LOW", "pull":true, "debounce":40, "long_press":1000, "normal":{"pressed":"ACTRLS_TOGGLE"},"longpress":{"pressed":"ACTRLS_POWER"}}

With this configuration, the short press will TOGGLE between play and pause and the long press will toggle the (soft) POWER of Squeezelite. The difference between TOGGLE and POWER is significant when the Muse Luxe is synchronised with other players. TOGGLE will start/stop playback on all synchronised players - useful to silence all players if the phone rings, for example. POWER does not affect other synchronised players, so you can turn off the Muse Luxe player without interrupting the other players. Turning it back on WILL briefly interrupt the other synchronised players while the synchronisation is re-established.

succeeded. i’m in.
ESPMUSE also received yesterday. Looks great. Later this week i will get it to work with LMS.

Merci Chill!
I fixed it just now…

Question. Is it normal that flashing takes more than 3 hour? Still running. No visible progress bar but the dos box shows running dots.

And perhaps it’s wise to make a pointer to the windows drivers for the usb/RS232 item. Default windows does not recognize the USB device.

No, not normal! It takes a couple of minutes.