Muse Proto Squeezelite Update & Programming

Hello together,

i have a Muse Proto and a few questions about that great board.

To get sound from the LMS i installed Squeezelite-ESP32 for Muse Proto 1.1023 from here:
This works to play music from LMS.

After an update to the newest version the Muse Proto won’t be found by the LMS.

2.1254-16 02.12.22, 22:26 Muse master-v4.3

Is it possible to program the Muse Proto with the Squeezelite-ESP32 firmware, like its possible with ESP Home on my Home Assistant?
I would like to control the LED and the different GPIOs.

I hope someone could help me.

Thank you

I too was tempted to install the “Muse” firmware on my Muse Proto, and then it stopped connecting to LMS.
I just flashed fw: I2S-4MFlash.32.2.1254.master-v4 , It is now connecting to LMS, but no sound yet!

See Mn Cast installation guide
The NVS editor and the proto.nvs file fixed the sound.