MuseProto SPDIF dependency's

Heya, A new proud owner of 3 muse protos. Instantly flashed with and in general theyre working, but I have a hard time to figure out SPDIF.

I try to connect the MS40 (Dont get them, theyre not awesome)

When you look at the backside you see a Digital input Coaxial. I would guess thats for SPDIF.
But whenever I connect a cut Cable with solderd connectors to it the MuseProto stays silent.

Now I wonder, Is a special cable needed to be cut in pieces. Or is Coaxial a dealbraker, because it is something very diffrent SPDIF, and I have to use the working, but with static sound poisoned Analog input.


I’m using SPDIF thru optical link not coaxial, it just requires a simple led and a resistor, this is the setting I’m using for the new Mn Cast device :

notice SPDIF on the top right corner, you need to change the source and reboot.

For the Proto you could try GPI0 12 or 32

Fuck it, just ordering 2 of the Mn’s
Should be fine as long as they can run SL-ESP32

yore funny :smiley:
requires a simple led and a resistor mhmm, and I leave led and the optical link just near each other. without a 3d printer I guess I ll have a hard time to get optical comunication working,

On the ones I already set up I also have the SPDIF on the top right
Now I’m wondering, Can I use a Copper cable?
Would have guessed that I can connect one to this speaker interface

Data? or one of the others?
Also, I guess for the LED approach not for the speaker interface. (Wild guesses wverywhere)

On the Muse Proto board:
-The “speaker” green screw terminal is an output to connect a passive speaker to have a louder sound than the tiny built-in speaker.
-I have never tried SPDIF coaxial output, but according to this source is does requires a few compenents to work :

On the Mn Cast :
I am using an optical link, on the Mn Cast side there is mini-TOSLINK plug that goes on my amplifier that has a full size TOSLINK plug. I am using this cable that I bought 8€ on Amazon:

hope that this clear now