Newby, MUSELUXE HomeAssistant MediaPlayer

My Muse Luxe has been working great as a voice assistant in my HomeAssistant setup at home, and it even speaks after it turns on the lights I asked it to do, so I know the speaker works, and TTS from HASS works.

However I also want it to be used as a speaker/MediaPlayer to speak text-to-speech programmed with certain actions via automations, such as telling me the alarm is on, after I armed it, etc. I have watched the video by Kiriil on YouTube where he sets up his to so exactly that. I have followed his steps, but when I try to “run” the action there is no sound coming out from the MuseLuxe.

Likely, there is something dumb I am missing, but can’t figure out what it is. When setting up the automation, the MuseLuxe does come up as a media.player, and I pick it. Any ideas on what I may be missing to set up in HASS ? Or is there something I need to do on the MuseLuxe YAML file ?

I am using the YAML file for HomeAssistant that is on the RaspiAudio website, not the one on ESPHome.

Hi…I had the same issue…but found out it’s down to the audio format that you are trying to play…

Thank you for the comment ! However, I was not trying to play any specific format, just setting up an automation that would play a TTS notification when a trigger was met. Just as presented in the YT video referenced above.

I have since found that apparently due to the way ESPHome currently works, the MUSE Luxe cannot do both, voice-assistant, and be a media.player speaker (as per the YT video above). Each adaptation needs a different yaml file.