Raspi Audio Battery LED with squeezebox firmware

I’m running the squeezelite firmware installed from here - https://raspiaudio.github.io/

And was wondering if there was a way to set the audio gain and change the behaviour of the battery LED easily with this firmware. At the moment the battery LED continuously blinks.

The blue LED is conected to the IP5306 charge controler and therefore is not influenced by the firmware.
easy solution would be to put electrical tape over it.

I didn’t find any Dokumentation or setting concerning gain for good reason. Gain is set by the Amp and not the I²S audio source.
For the Protoboard you can change it by changing resistor. A good explanation is given by Diyi0t
Alternativly I tried to mess with the Equalizer. you can try it out your sellf:
That should give you an ideea how it influences the audio output.


Hello for the protoboard see :
the gain table on MUSE PROTO board

it could be set by setting the value of gpios or by adding an external wire to the “Gain Ampli” pin.