This is the installation guide for the ESP MUSE PROTO :

This board is based on the powerfull ESP32 WROVER, the beauty of this product is that in includes :

  • Built in speaker 3W (with capability to plug also to an externa speaker)
  • Built-in DAC with 3W amplifier (using the famous MAX98357A)
  • Microphone I2S
  • Sd card SPI
  • external Battery management
  • Neopixel

I have made this board for projects where you need to have an affordable protable audio solution, just power it and you will be able the stream audio with the built-in speaker or record.

Pinout (temporary)

  • IO34 : detects the SD card (true)
  • IO33 use the ACD to monitor the battery level
  • IO23 set the gain of the codec
    for 15db you can use the internal resistor of the ESP32 (Output_pulldown)
    for 3db (output_pullup)
  • IO21 enables (true) the amplification

programme it
The board can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, you can follow this tutorials here :

Everything that could be expected from a commercial bluetooth speak but 100% hackable!
Simple Bluetooth speakers

An internet radio with web server for configuration :
Muse Proto Radio project :radio:

An impressive Walkie talki project that use no wifi router:


Hi, I’m testing my MuSE proto board, and I’m trying to get a little bit more “power” in the output.
I’ve seen There is an input battery and an output for speakers, as well as a cut here to disable onboard speaker.
Is there any way to get more output power with this board?

Thanks a lot.
Great job with this little board.

Hi Asamnc and welcome,

Glad that there is a first question about this board I’ve made :slight_smile:
You can increase the volume on the speaker by initializing the gain of the codec in output pulldown for 15db

gpio_set_pull_mode(GAIN, GPIO_PULLDOWN_ONLY); // 15dB

check the code of the radio or the bluetooth speaker:

If this is not enough plug a bigger speaker on the green terminal screw (this is optional to cut the trace behind the board to disable the built in speaker).
Connecting the battery should not make the volume louder.

feel free to ask anything else

kind regards,

Great Olivier!! Thanks for the help!!