Reset ESP Muse Mn Cast? [resolved]

I’m not sure what I did, but I can’t no longer connect to my ESP Muse Mn Cast, I can see it in my DHCP server, I can’t see it has it’s own SSID.

Is there anyway to reset the ESP Muse Mn Cast to default so that I can start configure it from scratch?

Hi sorry for the late answer, you are maybe in recovery mode, start the device and look for wifi ssid “squeezelite…” password is “squeezelite” then connect to in a browser and exit revcovery.

if this is not working, try to see on the serial console what is happening connect to Squeezelite-ESP32 Installer choose “generic” and open the serial console from there, you should have some logs. worst case you can reflash your device from there and apply the NVS config from here :
Pre-order of the Mn Cast! - #72 by Raspiaudio

I reinstalled the latest and it works, it seems when I press the button to exit recovery on my Macs Safari nothing happened, but works with Chrome and Firefox