AUDIO+ installation guide

For raspberry pi Zero users, if not already done you will need to solder the 2x20 pin header like this:

For all other Pi 4 and 3 the 2x20 pin header should come presolder.


For Raspian users (works also for Retropie) :

-Insert your Rapsberry Pi Audio Shield in your Raspberry pI then turn it on

-Make sure your audio jack is plugged in to your amplifier

-Open a terminal (yes the black windows thing) and type:

sudo wget -O - | bash

-say yes for the reboot

-If everything went fine you should here a test sound when tryping this command:

sudo speaker-test -l5 -c2 -t wav

-NEW! : On the next reboot you will be able to control the volume from your desktop or by using the line command tool alsamixer

For references here is the script source.


For OSMC users:

Just follow each steps and device name of this tutorial

For Volumio:

We recently added Rapsiaudio in the dac selection, you will find it in the last version of Volumio!

Just select “Raspiaudio” in dac selection and it should work straight out of the box :sunglasses:

Following GPIOs are used by RaspiAudio:

Check the pinout here

-GPIO21 (pin 40)

-GPIO19 (pin 35)

-GPIO18 (pin 12)

-Ground pin (connect at least one : pin 6, 9, 14, 20, 25, 30, 34, 39)

-3.3v pin (connect at least one: : pin 1, 17)

All others pin are free to use in your projects and available via the 25 pins connector (need to be solered):