MUSE LUXE speaker with Squeezlite (Logitech Media server)

Mine wouldn’t start up when I received it. It appeared to be in the same state as when the battery cuts off but I then I had no way to see that it could have been in recovery mode. Would it have had Squeezelite installed as default?

no, by default the bluetooth app is installed.
If you wish to try install the precompiled bin form here :

You should not have any issue at startup even if the battery was dead

I described my problems in the squeezebox forum. When it arrived the LED did not illuminate after charging the battery and moving the switch to on. It also didn’t appear to be visible as a Bluetooth player.

I will be happy to investigate if you could try to restore the original bin file of the Simple bluetooth app, and try again to discharge the battery. As the behavior you are describing has never been observed yet with the original software.

With the Bluetooth firmware you are right, when the battery is discharged until the LED goes out the speaker boots up as soon as the charging cable is plugged in. When my speaker arrived it definitely didn’t behave in the same way though.
I did notice that the speaker disconnects from Bluetooth quite a while before the red LED turns off. With the Squeezelite firmware music plays until the very end. In fact just before it turns off completely it seems to restart a few times. Maybe this is triggering the recovery mode.

Yes I think so too, this is probably the multiple reset when the battery is almost dead that causes switch in recovery mode of squeezelite.
In commercial non hackable devices the battery level if checked at startup and if below a value it does clean shutdown.

I Flashed Muse Luxe and other audio Boards with Squeezlight. Conecting them to the home Wifi was no problem. unfortunatley I couldn’t find anny over Airplay.
Did I miss configuring something?

I think there is an airplay option somewhere in the settings check that it is enabled

Oh, wow. You were in deed right!
As I don’t have a LTMS as of writing this, I had chosen “Disable Squeezelite” under “Audio”.
That seems to disable Bluetooth and Airplay as well…
Now I’ve tried the last tow and it works flawles!
Thank you verry mouch!
The next thing I’m Curius to see is if we make use of the Microfone wheen using Bluetooth and getting a call or even as IP Telefone…

Never tried the mic for BT calls, don’t hesitate to post your results here :+1:

BT calls is not posible right now as Android sees audio output only. Would be cool thou!

@Raspiaudio is there somehow a way to disable the Green Battery Status LED on Squeezelite (maybe via NVS Editor) or change the brightness?

My Muse Luxe (allways on charger) is stand next to my Head in the Bedroom and the Green light lights the room all night.

I search for something like that too. As far as I can tell from other posts here, the charging LED isn’t controllable.
But how do I disable the LED on the top?
I use the squeezelite software and it would be amazing if there is a wa to disable the LED through the web interface.

I also ended up with a dead EspMuse+squeezelite-esp32 after battery was drained completely.
Before finding this thread I created a dedicated one for this problem: EspMuse with squeezelite-esp32 doesn't start after battery was drained

Any advice how to recover the easily (I’m not much into serial console) ?

Cannot Flash the Muse via Chrome on Macbook M1
I wanna run it with my LMS (piCore Server and different players)
When I use Chrome and the ESP-Webinstaller, I am getting an error:

I found the secret RESET, pushed it while witch the Muse to ON - no difference.

Because of the non existent manual in the packacke: Which one is the BOOT button??

Any hints?



Hi Klaus,
try in this order :
Try maintain the reset button pressed while is it searching for the device (after clicking on install)
If you have access to a PC try with a Chrome browser.
Try a different cable

let me know

Thax for this information.
That worked!

But: after switching the device off and on it seems not to connect to LMS again.
I remember that one LED was green before. Now it is off.

Whe I flash the Speaker again it works.

2nd: is it possible that despite of switching it off the battery is empty after a fwe hours?



I got my ESP Muse Luxe running before several times. Now I messed something in ESPHome (Home Assistant) and I’m not able to get it running again. I followed all the steps you mentioned several times but all I get is: “Failed to initialize. Try resetting your device or holding the BOOT button while clicking INSTALL.”

I pushed the button in the audio jack, have definitively a data cable and a Chrome Browser. Is there any other way to reset the device?

Is my device now a brick? :frowning:

Hi Garonero and welcome,

It could interesting to find out if your device is totally dead or not, to do so we could look at the serial output when you turn it on.

to do so go to, select any app, select your com port, select ‘log and console’. turn the device OFF/ON and you sould have some logs in the console.

If not check the on/off button I have received some reports that on some units it is very hard to switch on.

Let me know


Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately my device seems to be totally dead. There is no serial output. Even I press the reset button while connecting.