ESPmuse Luxe and Light FAQ

Here a brief explanation of the ESPMuse project. Based on the question of Stephan on of the first early bird to pre-order the speaker.

What do you have in mind with this ESP32 ESPMuse speakers?
See these speakers as an affordable daily usable device where so you can virtually implement any protocol or existing project for ESP32. Our vision is to have some kind of app store where you can upload any app to your speaker from a standard bluetooth speaker, a babyphone, a dedicated skype like device.

Unlike some other development platforms we want it to be usable everyday, visually pleasant and affordable.

Does it have some sort of multiroom protocol (like sonos, but open source) or do you know about any open source solution? Does it support bluetooth only or is it planned to have a client for wifi webradio streaming?

To make your life easy we will deliver the ESPMUSE with Squeezlite preloaded on it; it supports Regular bluetooth AD2P, Airplay, Logitech media server. The 2 last protocols mentioned supports multi room protocol.

Also for educational/fun purposes we will provide our arduino code for a standard bluetooth speaker, so you can modify anything you want like the annoying prerecorder “bluetooth connected” that is so annoying on cheap speakers.

- What is the exact function of the microphones? Do they work like headphones for a mobile device?- Does it support alexa connections or even some open source solution as a smart speaker?
On board microphones are for future usage, such as vocal assistants like Alexa or some open source initiative. I haven’t look at it yet

When will it be ready to ship?
upadated on December 10th 2020 : I think I could deliver the first units of the Muse Luxe end of January 2021

stay tuned!

Here is a little update on the Muse Light and Luxe.
Both PCBa are ready and functional, but we had trouble with the factory manufacturing the plastic shell and doing the assembly as they have drastically modified their terms and conditions by requiring a huge MOQ of 2000 pieces…

BUT, I have found a new supplier and it is going to be even better looking, sharing a faw picture of our 3Ds:

So the spec is slightly modified :slight_smile:

  • ESP32 programmable via micro USB (usb to serial built-in)
  • 2x5W Stereo
  • 1 onboard mems microphone
  • 3 buttons
  • 18650 rechargeable battery with level sensor
  • Stereo 3.5mm LINE jack input
  • 1 grove extension port
  • 1 programmable RGB led

I removed one microphone as this cas does not have 2 holes for the microphone, I also have no backlighted button but one RGB led that can be seen from the top.

Now targeting mid of February for first units shipping. For existing backers remember that you can retract at any time and ask for a refund.

This is going to be a great product!

I added a video and plenty of picture of the Muse Luxe here :

soon we will post the code on the GIT, stay tunned.